Kingsford Waterbay


The “Small Space, Large Living” redefines the notion of spaciousness within the confines of limited square footage. Through meticulous space planning, the apartment’s layout seamlessly merges the living, dining, and kitchen areas into a harmonious space, creating an illusion of boundlessness. The bold interplay high-contrast palette creates a dynamic visual effect. Storage solutions are integrated seamlessly, ensuring that belongings are neatly tucked away.


The Parc


This penthouse is a testament to the fusion of opulence and comfort. The precisely crafted custom carpentry creates a harmonious cohesion throughout the space, along with the deliberate use of gold-accented fixtures brings a stunning contrast against the backdrop of the black finishes. The design of the roof terrace is multifunctional, catering to various needs and moods of the client.


The Seaview


The living spaces have been carefully reimagined to maximize natural light and space, resulting in an open and airy ambiance. The use of high-quality materials and finishes brings an element of luxury. The kitchen has undergone a complete makeover, featuring sleek cabinetry, and a thoughtfully designed layout that enhances both cooking convenience and visual appeal.




We are tasked to create a space that our clients could retreat to, after fulfilling their hectic days. Hence, we chose light and neutral colours to achieve this. The use of clean lines and uncluttered spaces contributes to a sense of openness, making the home feel more spacious and inviting. We encouraged our clients to add their own personalities by throwing in décor items and to create a home that is uniquely theirs.


Bedok Reservoir

Maisonette / Modern Victoria

This Victorian design achieves sophistication and richness through a white theme with jewel toned furnishings. Intricate frames with ornate details really evoke the elaborate feel of Victorian style. The bold combination of solid-coloured laminates and soft muted colour palette create a lavish yet cosy space.


Upper East Coast

3-storey / luxurious

We decided to take on what was a seemingly impossible task to transform this dark and gloomy inter-terrace. With strategic alternations to the architecture and layout, we infused the house with natural light and airflow through reimagined and repositioned of walls and windows. Through meticulous planning and a keen eye for design, we undertook a reconfiguration of spaces and transforming of the minute details around the house, accumulated into a complete makeover of this house. Integrated with smart home solution, security and entertainment have been elevated to a new level of sophistication.

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